Video telephony for seniors

Connect generations with video telephony.

Maria is 93 and lives with her 24/7 carer Anna in her large apartment in Vienna. Except for their grandson Gerhard, who visits them on weekends, the rest of the Kerngesund family lives in sunny Carinthia. Due to the relatively long journey, all of the relatives only come together every now and then. The corona pandemic makes this situation even more difficult. Although Maria enjoys the company of her carer Anna, she often wants nothing more than to see her son Peter. The great longing often leads to depressive phases and overemotionality in Maria.

Video calls for EVERYONE!

Peter’s cousin Elfriede had the solution: Elfriede has owned it for a long time JAMES tablet , a senior tablet specially designed for video telephony. Elfriede uses that Tablet mainly in order to be able to hold your doctor’s rounds online, as the doctor’s office you trust is relatively far away. However, the tablet is also perfect for maintaining private contacts. After Peter did that Tablet tried it with his cousin, he equipped both himself and his mother Maria with the tablet.

The best thing about it: Maria doesn’t need to be afraid of operating the tablet, as she just has to pick it up and hang up when her son makes video calls – just like when talking on the phone. Maria also dares more and more and is already doing video calls with her dear friend Irmgard, who lives in a nursing home. Irmgard’s nursing home even has several JAMES tablets . When Maria calls, it will JAMES tablet Irmgard à la hotel service brought directly to the room. From now on she can experience the voices and faces of her loved ones live at any time.

But Anna, Maria’s carer, is also enthusiastic about the advantages of the tablet; since then JAMES tablet is in operation in Maria’s apartment, Anna can carry out her daily care tasks and activities with the help of the integrated MOCCA ONE Easily record and manage software. MOCCA ONE is the market-leading platform in mobile / outpatient care software and for Anna, as a 24/7 carer, an absolute asset to her work routine.

Seniorin (Maria) bekommt das JAMES Tablet von einer Pflegekraft (Anna) erklärt.
JAMES Tablet mit laufendem Videoanruf zwischen Großmutter, Mutter und Enkelin.


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