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JAMES Station


  • Video and audio calls
  • Alert including chat
  • Medication reminders
  • Digital Calendar
  • History of vital signs
  • WLAN & Dual SIM
  • Newspaper reading, weather, internet, games etc.*
  • Picture gallery
  • JAMES App & Portal (iOS, Android)
  • Chat via JAMES App
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Connects generations.

Discover the JAMES Station! The multifunctional tablet brings family, care facilities and entertainment into your own living room!

The JAMES STATION enables not only the home emergency call, but also a variety of supporting everyday and helper functions. The device consists of a high-quality Android tablet and a charging station with integrated speaker.

Simple and age-appropriate operation
The Smart Device can be adapted to your needs depending on your life situation and simplifies your everyday life with supporting functions:


The JAMES Station offers age-appropriate video and audio telephony at the touch of a button. In combination with the JAMES Chat App you will always stay in touch with family, friends and professionals. Whether it's family reunions, nursing or medical services; the JAMES Station allows you to conveniently conduct online visits.


The JAMES Station keeps a close eye on your health in connection with the JAMES Vital Sensors. Vital signs are recorded directly in the JAMES Portal and can be viewed by relatives and specialists. Together with the JAMES Safety Watch, the JAMES Station also offers a pedometer function.

Never again forget to take important medication.
With the planning function of the JAMES Station, the type and quantity as well as the time of taking medication can be determined. The smart system reminds you promptly with an automatic notification.


Social isolation and boredom? Not with JAMES. The digital guardian angel offers the best entertainment and enables fun and games on the Internet. With the JAMES Station, games, weather and news as well as other entertainment apps can be used for free.

Enjoy your everyday life, JAMES takes care of the rest.

*By own WLAN connection or SIM card.

The features of JAMES Subscriptions in comparison



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FunktionSicherheitsuhr B6Sicherheitsuhr S4Demenzuhr S4JAMES Station

Alert with voice connection

24/7 Call Center

Inactivity Recognition


Geofence (runaway protection)



Pulse measurement

Blood pressure measurement

Calendar & reminder

Time & date display


Text messages to the device

Audio messages to contacts

Telephony subscription

Chat including Pictures

Video calls

Internet access

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