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JAMES Safety Watch S4


  • Alert with voice connection
  • Inactivity recognition
  • 24 / 7 Call Center (optional)
  • Positioning
  • Telephony subscription (optional)
  • Time & date display
  • Pedometer
  • Battery warning incl. position
  • JAMES App & Portal (iOS, Android)
  • Chat with the watch wearer via App
  • No commitment (can be terminated monthly)
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Security for ALL. With the JAMES Safety Watch.

Safety has a name: JAMES Safety Watch.
The easy-to-use Smartwatch works like an emergency watch and simplifies your everyday life with supporting functions:


The JAMES Safety Watch enables the mobile home emergency call, including voice connection conveniently at the touch of a button. Keeping the guardian angel always with you - whether at home or on the road. With the help of the precise location system, people in need can be found quickly.


Goodbye to annoying typing! The JAMES Safety Watch is a full-fledged smartphone and as such enables uncomplicated voice communication. Whether emergency call or daily check-up; thanks to JAMES you will always stay in touch with your loved ones. With the help of the JAMES App, family members can send text messages to the watch wearer. The wearer answers conveniently via audio message.


Health & motivation motor. The digital guardian angel watches over your vital signs with intelligent blood pressure and pulse measurement.
Measure when and where I want: recorded values are then transferred directly to the JAMES App. In addition, the integrated pedometer determines your daily progress.

Go through life in style: The JAMES Safety Watch is available in black and white.

Enjoy your everyday life, JAMES takes care of the rest.

The features of JAMES Subscriptions in comparison



Not available

FunktionSicherheitsuhr B6Sicherheitsuhr S4Demenzuhr S4JAMES Station

Alert with voice connection

24/7 Call Center

Inactivity Recognition


Geofence (Runaway protection)



Pulse measurement

Blood pressure measurement

Calendar & reminder

Time & date display


Text messages to the device

Audio messages to contacts

Telephony subscription

Chat including Pictures

Video calls

Internet access

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