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JAMES Safety Watch B6 black


  • Alert with voice connection
  • 24 / 7 Call Center (optional)
  • Telephony Subscription (optional)
  • Positioning
  • Time and date display
  • Pedometer
  • Pulse measurement
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Battery warning incl. positioning
  • JAMES App & Portal (iOS, Android)
  • Chat with the watch wearer via app
  • No commitment (can be terminated monthly)
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Safety for ALL. With the JAMES Safety Watch.

Safety has a name: JAMES Safety Watch.
The easy-to-use Smartwatch works like an emergency watch and simplifies your everyday life with supporting functions:

The features of JAMES Subscriptions in comparison



Not available

FunktionSicherheitsuhr B6Sicherheitsuhr S4Demenzuhr S4JAMES Station

Alert with voice connection

24/7 Call Center

Inactivity Recognition


Geofence (Runaway protection)



Pulse measurement

Blood pressure measurement

Calendar & Reminders

Time and date display


Text messages to the device

Audio messages to contacts

Telephony subscription

Chat incl. Pictures

Video calls

Internet access

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