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JAMES Dementia Watch S4


  • Alert with voice connection 
  • Inactivity recognition
  • 24 / 7 Call Center (optional)
  • Door-exit-alarm
  • Geofence (runaway protection)
  • Positioning
  • Time & date display
  • Battery warning including positioning
  • JAMES App & Portal (iOS, Android)
  • No commitment (can be terminated monthly)
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Reliable protection at a professional level.

Dementia is one of the main causes of dependency among older people worldwide. The disease can be overwhelming, not only for those affected but also for their families and carers. The JAMES Dementia Watch S4 offers the solution: The intelligent emergency call system reliably accompanies the sick person, relatives and caregivers through everyday life, thanks to the automatic runaway protection.

The JAMES Dementia Watch works completely automatically: When leaving the predefined movement zone, an alarm is triggered. This allows the person affected to contact and locate him or her promptly.


Invisible protective field.
Affected persons receive the Dementia Watch with a predefined radius of movement around the desired geo-zone. If the patient leaves this zone, a passive alarm is triggered which is forwarded to authorized helpers. Thanks to the precise GPS tracking system, they are able to quickly locate the person in need, pick him up and escort him back.


Reliable runaway protection.
The door-leaving alarm is combined with an outdoor tracking device and can be easily integrated into the daily care routine. As soon as the patient leaves the building, JAMES sends a passive alarm to the family / caregiver. This not only ensures the constant safety of the wearer, but also reduces the pressure on the caregivers.


Keep the guardian angel always with you.
Many sick people often forget to put on their emergency phone. The lockable JAMES Watch Straps provide optimal protection around the clock and are always with you as a faithful companion. Thanks to the soft silicone material, the straps also offer a very pleasant wearing comfort.


Automatic alert.
In risky situations (falls, fainting, etc.), affected persons are often no longer able to make the life-saving call for help. However, thanks to its integrated inactivity detection, JAMES automatically sends a passive alarm signal to the personal alarm chain or a 24 / 7 call center.


The features of JAMES Subscriptions in comparison



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Alert with voice connection

24/7 Call Center

Inactivity recognition


Geofence (runaway protection)



Pulse measurement

Blood pressure measurement

Calendar & reminder

Time & date display


Text messages to the device

Audio messages to contacts

Telephony subscription

Chat including pictures

Video calls

Internet access

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