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Better safe "heit" than tomorrow

Everyone wants nothing more for their loved ones than a life full of security and freedom.

With JAMES, the digital guardian angel, wishes become reality. JAMES enables vulnerable individuals – young and old – to receive professional protection around the clock. The emergency watch looks like a modern smartwatch, but it can do so much more. If necessary, a voice connection is established between the watch wearer and their family, – even to an emergency call center if desired. This distinguishes JAMES from conventional alarm bracelets, which usually work only at home and are always connected directly to a rescue center. In addition, JAMES determines the position of the clock. Just enjoy everyday life – JAMES takes care of the rest.


Alerting with telephone connection

A1 SIM card incl. EU roaming


Free app


From the market leader in care software

Protection for seniors...

who live alone

Longer, but above all safer in live within their own four walls. Help is just a push of a button away.

With pre-existing conditions

JAMES enables people with Pre-existing conditions a safe and independent life.

with mild dementia

The watch protects people with Running tendencies with the help of precise GPS positioning.

For accidents

No matter whether falls, fainting or Circulatory problems - JAMES Automatically triggers an alarm off.

and for the whole family...

on the way to school

JAMES accompanies on the daily way to school. Do not worry if times "dawdling

Youth in action

Whether in the park, at the playground or with Friends on the road: JAMES stays active and keeps the connection if necessary to the child.

alone on the road

Protection and security when you traveling alone, especially in the nightlife or unknown Areas.

During vacation & leisure

No one is lost, not even in a strange, bustling city. The Roaming SIM card remains in all Europe active.

Use Cases

Grandfather lives alone

Grandfather Peter (78) lives alone. As a nature lover he loves long walks in the forest. Recently him on one of his walks in the woods suddenly dizzy and he fell to the ground. Until help arrived, several hours passed. A professional caregiver recommended to Peter the JAMES Emergency Feed. Since JAMES Peter enjoys new freedom and safety all the time. In the case of the cases, he can use the emergency button to send an SOS signal to send out his family. During the alarm sets the clock to make a phone call to his loved ones and determines the exact position of the clock. Peter can continue to work safely and independently on his own Life and his family is reassured.

Alone at late hour

But Sabine (35) also wears the guardian angel: with JAMES on her wrist she feels safer than ever before, - especially when they come back from their long working shift goes to the car in the evening.

Grandfather lives alone

Peter's granddaughter Christina (8) already feels very grown up. The school child loves nothing more than to spend the afternoon with to meet their friends at the playground. Also to school she would like to go alone like the "big ones". Mother Sabine wants to give Christina as much freedom as possible. Nevertheless, she often fears for her daughter, as she does not always knows whether she is well and where she is. Exactly here comes the guardian angel JAMES to the Deployment: The emergency watch looks like a trendy smartwatch out and supports the entire family. Help of JAMES mother and daughter can always be in Keep in touch. Additionally Sabine can use the position of your daughter in the JAMES APP. And, when should really be something, Christina can always call the Press emergency button and talk to their parents.

Video corner

Trigger emergency call

Play Video about Peter präsentiert vom Sofa aus die Notrufuhr B6 in Schwarz und Weiß


Play Video about Peter präsentiert vom Sofa aus die Notrufuhr B6 in Schwarz und Weiß


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