Elderly woman with mild dementia

Protection & orientation when there is a tendency to run away

Maria is 93 and very proud to still live in her Vienna apartment. Recently, however, the sprightly elderly woman developed signs of dementia and forgets about her old age. This already degenerated into a dangerous situation, as Maria went out alone and subsequently could not find her way back to her apartment.

The elderly woman was desperately searched for until late at night – in the end even with a helicopter. Maria was eventually found completely hypothermic and dehydrated in the early hours of the morning.

Your worried grandson Gerhard would like to prevent horror scenarios like this by all means in the future. However, Gerhard is employed and can therefore not take sufficient care of Maria. Due to eating, Maria has recently received support from the 24/7 nurse Anna. But Anna also has to go shopping every now and then or take time for herself. Because of Maria’s dementia and frailty, Anna does not like to leave her alone. What if it falls or is lost again?

Seniorin (Maria) sitzt auf Bett und blickt sehnsüchtig aus dem Fenster.
Hubschraubersuche bei Dämmerung

The JAMES emergency watch S6 provides support in the case of mild dementia thanks to professional protection against running away.

So that the family is reassured and Anna can also enjoy her short trips without worries, Gerhard gave this to his grandmother JAMES emergency watch S6 . Gerhard’s family is already from JAMES supports and enjoys more security and freedom since then. Maria’s new emergency watch protects her with reliable protection against running away, incl. geozone. When leaving the zone, the watch triggers an automatic alarm and contacts both grandson Gerhard and nurse Anna. Should Maria actually run out again, Gerhard and Anna can keep their position in the JAMES APP view at any time and consequently intervene.

The modern smartwatch protects Maria not only on the go, but also in her own four walls. Should Maria get dizzy, fall or get into another emergency situation, help is just a push of a button away. Double security: If Maria is no longer able to press the button, the watch will also automatically alarm. Thanks to the integrated fall detection JAMES unusual periods of rest come true and sends an automatic SOS to Maria’s relatives and carers.

with JAMES Maria is completely protected and her relatives / carers are reassured. She also likes the fashionable watch very much.

Urgro0mutter (Maria) bekommt ein Wangenküsschen von Urenkelin (Sophie)


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