Nature lover travels alone.

Thanks to the JAMES emergency watch, he receives immediate help Peter is 73 years old and lives alone. As a passionate nature lover, he likes to go on long walks in the forest, which he doesn’t want to do without under any circumstances. However, he has recently suffered from low blood pressure and dizziness. He […]

Elderly woman with mild dementia

Protection & orientation when there is a tendency to run away Maria is 93 and very proud to still live in her Vienna apartment. Recently, however, the sprightly elderly woman developed signs of dementia and forgets about her old age. This already degenerated into a dangerous situation, as Maria went out alone and subsequently could […]

Immediate help thanks to the watch with fall detection

Elfriede uses the JAMES emergency watch S6 with a fall sensor. Elfriede (75) has been taking care of her house and the large garden alone since her husband’s death. She prefers to work on her new vegetable patch, which she is particularly proud of. However, two weeks ago she suffered a concussion from falling to […]

Telemedicine and Seniors

The future model of telemedicine Elfriede is 75 and lives alone in her large country house. Although she is still very fit and agile, she has recently suffered from low blood pressure and fatigue. Up to now, she kept a detailed record of her pulse and blood pressure values and presented her notes to her […]

Video telephony for seniors

Urgroßmutter (Maria) bekommt das JAMES Tablet von Urenkelin (Sophie) erklärt.

Connect generations with video telephony. Maria is 93 and lives with her 24/7 carer Anna in her large apartment in Vienna. Except for their grandson Gerhard, who visits them on weekends, the rest of the Kerngesund family lives in sunny Carinthia. Due to the relatively long journey, all of the relatives only come together every […]

Smart homes for seniors

Don’t let the future wait any longer. Thanks to JAMES, seniors live with a new sense of style. Terms like digitalization and innovative technologies are now firmly anchored in our consciousness. However, it is not only our vocabulary that changes, but also our immediate environment. The current trend is to move your own home into […]

What exactly is an emergency watch and how does it work?

Emergency watches easily explained Digital assistants are now firmly anchored in our everyday life. However, the new technologies not only enable younger, but now also older generations to enjoy a higher standard of living. The latter benefit from AAL (active & assisted living) -focused software and user-friendly smart devices. Active assisted living systems such as […]

Chic & simple. The JAMES emergency band

Fashionable & still protected Like her friend Peter, Susanne (70) likes to spend a lot of time in nature and often goes walking. She knows them JAMES Products already, but she always wears her mother’s watch as a memento and so far has not wanted to counter it JAMES To deceive. “A watch on your […]