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About ilogs healthcare

ilogs healthcare

Demographic change is a continuing challenge for our society. The current social structure (of Europe) is characterized by declining birth rates and aging groups of people. This upheaval requires innovative solutions to make life easier, but above all safer, for the increasingly aging segment of the population. Much of the care and support already takes place at home and this is also the focus of JAMES.

With a focus on SAFETY, HEALTHand COMMUNITY, JAMESoffers a variety of services for seniors and their environment according to individual life situations. Its products, perfectly adapted to seniors, JAMESalready supports thousands of elderly people worldwide. The smart assistance system is part of the increasingly important field ofActive Assisted Living, or AALfor short. AAL systems can provide a better quality of life in old age with the help of innovative technologies and services.

Ein älterer Vater (Peter) und Sohn (Gerhard) genießen die Softwarelösungen von ilogs healthcare.
Bildcollage. Senior bekommt die ilogs healthcare Lösungen erklärt.

The IT genius behind JAMES

The IT expert offers high-quality software and services that focus on the digitization of care and support outside the hospital. As the market leader in the field of mobile social services, ilogs healthcare also provides services to retirement and nursing homes as well as assisted living facilities.

The idea for JAMES TeleCare began in 2019 with the mission of enabling older people to enjoy more autonomy and safety in their everyday lives. ilogs healthcare, however, has been conducting more research in the AAL field since 2012 and is in active exchange with renowned research institutions in this regard. Supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency(ARPA), new technologies and services were tested and transferred to the market within the framework of various national and international R&D projects.

Today, ilogsoperates internationally and is increasingly establishing itself as a recognized e-Health specialist in Europe.

The company is privately owned.

Company History



Foundation & Beginnings

  • In 2005 ilogs mobile software GmbH was founded in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.
  • Development of a mobile time and activity recording system for all mobile care services of the province of Carinthia.
  • Equipment of large care facilities in Vienna



Expansion in div. EU countries

Start of research and development activities in the Active & Assisted Livingenvironment.



Product launch JAMES & SafeMotion

  • Product launch of the JAMES™ emergency call watch and the SafeMotion™safety watch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
  • Start of the nationwide rollout of the MOCCA solution at all Social and Health Services (SGS) in Tyrol



First JAMES major customer from the USA

Founding of ilogs healthcare GmbH for international sales.



Projects & Extensions

  • Care for the chronically ill at home is being piloted in Vienna and Carinthia: Blood sugar, blood pressure, heart failure and weight are recorded at home and checked by specialist staff at the JAMES Care Center on request.
  • MOCCA Chatis a secure messenger with video telephony for care providers and relatives.



JAMES on track for success

  • For the first time, more than 10,000 emergency call watches are in use internationally.
  • The JAMES AAL platform is in great demand among professional care providers at home and abroad.



Valuable innovations

  • In the context of the COVID pandemic, JAMES video telephony for the elderly is gaining tremendous popularity.
  • The JAMES emergency watch is being tested in combination with an oximeter to measure oxygen saturation.
  • JAMES online shop successfully launches in December 2020.


ilogs healthcare GmbH
Krone Platz 1
9020 Klagenfurt a. W.

T +43 (0) 463 504 197
M office@ilogs.care

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